Blair Mountain Itself

These are some photos taken of Blair Mountain around late March of 2011. Much of the site is still owned by the coal companies 90 years later, though there are attempts being undertaken to try and preserve as much of the site as possible; especially regions in which trenches were dug. Don Chafin’s private army of police, state troopers, local townspeople, and hired guns were buried in on the top of this ridge while the miners would have attempted to bypass them or force them down from the mountain itself.

The mountain was named after Blair, WV located in Boone County. The town of Blair was in union territory and became the most forward operating base for miners attempting to fight their way into Logan County. Miners coming south from the Kanawha fields marched down the road on which it is located. At that point they began the ascent to the peak of Blair Mountain some two miles away.

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