Military History Fest 8: February 3-5

Coming up in about two weeks on February 3-5, we’ll be attending Reenactorfest on Saturday the 4th for a few hours. We won’t have a set-up, just doing a day trip.

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Miner’s Double Buckle Boots

Since trousers tend to be the first piece of clothing that suffers from day to day wear, workers came up with some pretty inventive ways to keep their clothing in the best of shape as possible.

If one looks closely at these photos of five male employees of the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company in Colorado (circa: 1910-1930), some of the miners have ankle boots similar to the M43 US combat boot.

Boots with ankle gaiters were fairly commonplace for workers in the early 20th century in order to prevent the trousers from getting caught up in debris, branches, etc.

Close up, they look pretty similar to the M43 boots which had a leather top ankle strap with two leather straps made from the leather top and had a blacken buckle almost like what you find on the military leggings with that slide to hold the strap while buckling it. Some had no grommets unlike the M43 boots, while others did. For the most part, they were just plain holes cut in the leather strap. The main section of the boots were made of brown leather and has the same stitching pattern as the M43 boots except with a toe cap which was double-row stitched. The underside was also like the M43 boots only it had no pattern molded in it and was just plain.

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