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Important reminder: At this time we are a very new unit that has members scattered throughout the US; our main base is currently in SE Wisconsin.

Learn what a miner had to go through during the early 20th Century. Hear of the tales, the hardships, and livelyhood of a coal miner as you watch history unfold before you. What was life like for the average rural person in the 1920s? What things were important to them? What did they wear? What did they eat?

As part of our community engagement and broader educational goals, we are more than happy to come talk to you and your group. We have experience and can talk to diverse audiences such as K-12 students, college undergraduate classes, graduate seminars, professional academic conferences, labor organizations, and community groups.

We prefer having at least a month’s notice ahead of time before any lectures or presentations are proposed. Please note, we will need to know what your schools or conference buildings’ policies of firearms are, since they are a part of the display aspects. It is preferable if class sizes are no larger than approximately 30 students. The presentation runs approximately from 30 minutes to an hour. The program can be shortened or lengthened to meet specific needs. We are always open to questions after the program. Performance fees are very reasonable, based on the length of program and distance traveled.

For living history events, we have our Travelling Museum. Items will include tools used by miners, historical memorabilia from the region, military items, and other 90+ year old items. The set up will also consist of plaques used to describe these items and to give our display a quality museum-like setting. We love to use Living historians/Historical interpreters. It’s our belief that it’s one thing to stare at displays and artifacts, but it is another to actually interact with, and see it come to life.

Because of other activities, we may not be able to respond to all requests. But, if you would like to contact us  or message us on our Facebook page and set up a meeting to get more information and any general questions you may have.

Aside from basic compensation (this various for events), travel expenses might also be levied depending on where and when your event is taking place, as fuel is not cheap these days. You may specify how many members you’d like to attend, if you want a display, if you want first person or 3rd person narratives, etc.

Please Note: No Commercial Photographs or Video of our unit members or displays are allowed, without prior permission or a signed release.

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