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Vendors and suppliers of reenactment or living history items. BUYERS BEWARE!! This sites is not responsible for content of ads posted or conduct of sale.Please Read this Guideline for what the clothing should look like. Certain items haven’t changed much in the past 90 years in men’s fashions, so some items can be found for cheaper than what is listed here. Thrift stores, such as Goodwill and ones run by various charitable organisations, usually have quite an array of options for 1920s civilian re-enactors. Do consult the guidelines above before buying things, though – while it’s possible to kit yourself out at the thrift store, it’s not going to be the perfect look. For that, you need to visit the clothiers listed at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget the closets of elderly relatives. It is somewhat creepy to point it out, but your great-uncle’s wardrobe isn’t doing him any good after the funeral. Ask for permission if you can look through his or her closet. That way you can keep his memory alive as well as save some money!

If you have any questions about the suitability of an item please contact us.


Old Town is a clothing manufacturer producing approx. 50 garments per week from our own workshop using British cottons, woollens and linens wherever possible.The shop and workshop is at 49 Bull Street, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6HP. Yes, a pair of trousers from Old Town will cost $130, but it’s better to spend that $130 once on a pair of perfectly correct trousers that’ll wear like iron than a lesser amount on trousers that are not only incorrect but will wear out after three events.

Frontier Outfitters: Have mostly Western Wear but certain items will work.

Walton & Taylor Mercantile-Model 1870″ Blue Jeans

Hamiliton Dry Goods.

1920s Wool Caps

Levi´s® Vintage Clothing 1915 501 Cone Mills Colab Rigid. Do note that these people are fashion designers.

Levi´s® Vintage Clothing 1920 201 Jeans Rigid. Do note that these people are fashion designers.

Period Underwear.

Worker’s Undershirt.

1920s Inspired Newsboy Caps.

Canvas Shell Coat, good for winter.

Work Jacket Cotton Drill JK01.

Bib and Brace – BB01
100% cotton drill Bib and Brace overalls, with concealed button fly, Bib pocket, rear patch pocket, two side pockets, rule pocket, access to undergarments.

Classic Old West Styles. Have some trousers and shirts that would be acceptable. Please email us before ordering, though.

Hats in the Belfry News Paper Boy Caps. I’d stick to dark or neutral colors.

Accurate Cotton Bandannas, if you so choose to use this style.


Early 20th Cent. Work Boots.

Iron Ranger Work Boot.

Military Items

Eureka Arsenal. Vendor of reproduction gear and hats from the Spanish American War and WW1.

What Price Glory. Has US military items from the early 1900s that would be accurate for a miner’s impression, if they were veterans.

Schipperfabrik. Vendor of WW1 reenactment supplies and uniforms.

Mining Items

Welsh Miners Safety Lamps. Sells reproduction lamps that were used throughout coal mines in the US, United Kingdom, and Canada.

“Mother of Purl” and “Coppersmith.” They make “dog tags” that are made out of brass and are exactly the same as the ones used by Miners. Sometimes makes overalls.

Madison Antique Mall: 369 Main Street. Madison, WV 25130 304-307-4409. Has original miner’s helmets, lanterns, company scripts, and other period times.


The Victor Trading Co. & Manufacturing Works LLC. Hand crafted tin cans circa 1850-1920. Labels are 1880-1920. Period tin cans. Labels are laser color copy reproductions. Excellent quality! Cans are made of tin plate, using hand powered antique equipment. We only use lead free solder. The cans are of the ‘hole-and-cap’ design (bottom has relief for stacking). They do not open.


Collector’s Armoury Blank Firing Guns. They have a M1894 Lever action rifle and various pistols that would be perfect for the impression labelled under “Old West” guns and “20th Cent. Revolvers.”

Blockade Runner’s Cartridge Guns and “Western” rifles is an informative, detailed, secure and safe way to find guns for sale, hunting / shooting accessories, and much more. is an online gun auction that promotes responsible gun ownership.

For Firearms, we also recommend going to a local sportsmen stores or gun shows in order to find them.

Once again, you’ll notice that some of these items are not cheap but they are almost dead on accurate for doing impressions. It’s better to save up ahead of time before spending hundreds of dollars on items that are not accurate and then having to spend more to replace them. It’s generally always more difficult to do civilian looks than military, since there are no true vendors for reenactors out there for the 1920s.

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