Our Set Up

Posting something other than our normal historical posts. These are some examples of our “museum” that we will sometimes bring out with us at events. A majority of the items presented came from Southern West Virginia and Kentucky. Most items date from roughly the 1880s and into the 1940s since we also discuss parts of the miner’s daily lives vs. just exclusively on the Battle of Blair Mountain, itself, because it is important to remember the context of the times that these men and women lived in.

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Kenny King’s Blair Mountain Collection

Kenneth King is the leading archeologist and studier of the battlefields that surround Blair Mountain and has collected many artifacts from various sites. These particulars can be found at the Coal Heritage Museum in Madison, WV. What makes this impression is the collection of various bullets, AEF buttons, spoons, whistle, etc. Also, this makes note of the Gatling Gun that the miners had successfully stolen from one of the mining companies and used it against Don Chafin’s militias. Of other interest is the Coca Cola bottle.

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