Miner’s Double Buckle Boots


Since trousers tend to be the first piece of clothing that suffers from day to day wear, workers came up with some pretty inventive ways to keep their clothing in the best of shape as possible.

If one looks closely at these photos of five male employees of the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company in Colorado (circa: 1910-1930), some of the miners have ankle boots similar to the M43 US combat boot.

Boots with ankle gaiters were sometimes worn by workers in the early 20th century in order to prevent the trousers from getting caught up in debris, branches, etc.


This ad from the mid-to late 1920s also shows an example of the double buckle boots from the era.

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Chambray Shirts

Chambray material originated in Cambrai, Northern France, where the fabric was first designed and used to create sunbonnets in the late 1500s AD. Chambray is a strong fabric with a smooth surface, designed with a tight weave. The material is soft and comfortable. It has a very soft coloring, which causes it to appear with a faded look. Chambray is easy to sew and wears well, yet wrinkles easily unless crease resistant. This makes it ideal for work wear. It was famously adopted by the US navy in 1901 right through to World War II.


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